Hi, Jilbert Ebrahimi aka Pics By Jilbert. A Photographer and Art Director based in Amsterdam and working everywhere.


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Jilbert Ebrahimi, better known as Pics By Jilbert, is a 26-year-old photographer from and living in Amsterdam. Jilbert was always surrounded by creative-minded people and started photographing friends with his first smartphone.

After a while he realised he really liked doing that and was good at it as well, so he took his hobby to the next level and bought his first DSLR camera. This resulted in him doing editorials and creating content for lots of people and AMFI. After that, the ball started rolling and it started to grow fast. He got asked for professional shoots more often.

Now, 6 years later, he is making photos for big clients like Avalon, Top Notch and independent creatives. From shooting photos for artworks, portraits and editorials, to coming up with concepts and working them out.